Video: Explainer

A short explainer video. I created this as part of a micro-teach for a HTML5 and CSS course.

Planning and Development

I created this short video as part of a 10-minute micro-teach. The objective of the lesson was to teach someone how to create a basic webpage in 10 minutes using 7 HTML5 elements. This video introduces Tags in HTML5.


For this video I decided to use a Vyond explainer template. As the objective was to introduce and explain tags, it didn’t need to be too interactive.

As this video was part of a 10 minute video, I also created a lesson plan which can be found here.

For the instructional design, I first wanted to inform the user about Tags, then demonstrate how they are constructed.

I copied and pasted the script into Vyond, then added animations and set the timings.


A quick and easy explainer video created in less than an hour using Vyond.

Skills Demonstrated
  • Creating video explainers
  • Video editing
  • Lesson planning
  • Instructional design
Tools Used
  • Vyond
  • Vimeo