Software, Tools and Applications

Below is a list of useful software, tools and applications that can be used to create and plan a multitude of learning experiences. From designing a colour scheme, creating a website, planning a project, writing documentation, to creating interactive e-learning experiences and video editing.

Check back regularly as this page is constantly being updated!

I have used some of these tools at some point in my career but I am not claiming to be an expert in everything listed here. Some of these tools may have changed since my experience with them. Some tools have also been added to this list by request or through popularity.

I’ve not been sponsored to promote any of these tools and the links below will take you away from this blog to directly to the developer’s website.

Resources on this list are in no particular order. Please note resources also vary in price, some are open-source and free, others require contribution to use and some require paid for subscriptions or one-off fees.