Collaboration Project – Week 1 & 2

As part of my MA studies at Limerick University, I have been asked to write a weekly reflection on my studies, focusing on the Virtual Team Project which has just started in Semester 2.

In this project I am working alongside other students at Limerick University, as well as students from a University in the USA and France. The project requirements are to work as a team to develop an instructional document, which will then be translated.

It’s currently the end of Week 2 and I am nervous about this project, mostly  because of my own commitments. I am currently working full time and studying full time and I don’t want to let our team down because of my availability. Looking back over the week, I sent out an introduction e-mail and put together a Slack collaboration workspace, my fellow students started the Team Agreement, which has now been posted. We had a Skype call today to discuss the project which was great; it’s good to chat but I feel as though we got much more done in the call.

We’ve not heard much from the US or French teams. One of the US members has quit the course and dropped out. We’ve come up with an idea and sent a message to the US to see if they have any objections/ideas to share, so we’ll wait and see what they respond with.

I think this is a good start to the project, everyone is busy so I feel as though there is good comradery as we can all relate to each other. When I was studying for my undergraduate degree I had to complete a virtual team project and it was a disaster – mainly because no one collaborated, so I have high hopes for this!

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