Conference: Learning Technologies 2019, ExCel Centre London

On the 13th of February, I attended the Learning Technologies exhibition. I usually attend the exhibition every other year, and this year it was in a new location – the ExCel Centre in London.

I always enjoy this exhibition, unfortunately, I’ve never been able to attend the conference – it’ just too expensive! But there is always something new to see, someone new to talk to and some interesting talks to attend in the free exhibition. The exhibition can be a bit overwhelming and I never really know where to begin. I think if you have a specific project or target, then it can be easier to navigate, for example, I met up with some friends who were looking for a new LMS to implement at work. This exhibition is great for looking at new products and solutions.

The free talks were extremely crowded this year and it was difficult to hear a lot of what the speakers were saying, which was a shame. The sessions are free, so they do draw crowds.

I only attended 1 day this year, which I think was enough. My main takeaway: I met with the eLearning Network who are:

A not-for-profit organisation run by the eLearning community

In the last few years, I’ve joined a number of different associations and community groups, only to be disappointed. A lot of elearning communities are based in the US, which makes it difficult to meet with similar minded people! I spoke to one of the directors from ELN at the stand, with membership costing a mere £29, it seems like a good idea to join, even if just for 1 year to see what it’s like.

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