The Performance Testing Council – Summit

Attended the Performance Testing Council Summit in Redmond, Seattle.

The summit was held on the Microsoft Campus, Redmond, WA. Discussions included:

  • When to Involve a Psychometrician
  • Security Analysis & Exam Forensic
  • Mixed Reality for Assessment
  • Designing Predictable PBT in the Cloud Era
  • Mind Bending: Converting the Author and SME Mindset for PBT

There was also a presentation on badging which was interesting as I had never thought there could be a negative association with rewarding/badging (some attendees suggested this might undermine a certification/achievement).

I enjoyed the session on mixed reality, it was interesting to see how virtual reality can be used in the medical industry. I got to use a Microsoft HoloLens and view a virtual ‘patient.’ The virtual patient displays symptoms of anaphylactic shock and is used to teach students on symptom recognition. It was very realistic!

I managed to take some time out to visit the Microsoft Visitor’s Centre.

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