CompTIA Partner Summit

I attended the CompTIA Partner Summit in DC a few weeks ago. It was great to see old faces and meet new ones!


Foot traffic wasn’t as intense as last year, although we did manage to give away all our t-shirts! As well as wo-manning the stand, I also got to attend talks and the instructor workshops. I decided to attend a workshop on teaching the Cloud+ and a talk on the range of Cyber Security content currently available. The main points I took away from the conference were…

Me at the stand.

  • Cyber security is still a hot topic – CompTIA ran a Hack-a-Thon and in general attack vs. defend /white hat vs. black hat is something that seems to be a buzz word at the moment
  • Cloud technology is growing traction with more trainers looking to teach cloud topics
  • Hands-on learning is gaining more traction as the apprenticeship market in the US grows
  • Job based courses/learning/certificates is something that content partners are looking to build out


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