Collaboration Project – Week 7

Collaboration project reflection, week 7.

What happened?

To be honest there is not a lot to say this week, not a lot has happened. A silent member of the French team (who I thought had supposedly quit) has now made an appearance and is helping out his team member with translation. One of my team members in the Irish team mentioned that he has taken some screenshots in French and has asked me to update and the document as the images haven’t been formatted correctly.

What was I thinking? How was I feeLing?

I’m feeling a bit confused really, as I think the French team should be taking the screenshots and updating the document.

What was good and bad?

I suppose it’s good that the French team have now translated the document. I can see a version has been uploaded but I’m not sure what the latest version actually is. The French team seem to be working amongst themselves at the moment, but the document looks a bit messy at the moment.

Can I make sense of the situation?

I guess the French team can see the deadline looming, which is why I think they’ve suddenly jumped into life. I know they had a holiday a few weeks ago but that doesn’t excuse why they haven’t responded since the beginning of the project.

What else could I have done?

I suppose we should have made it clear to the French team that they should retake the images. There weren’t that many.

If this happened again, what would I do differently?

Again, I think roles and responsibilities should have been defined from the beginning. What is each person expected to deliver.

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