Collaboration Project – Week 6

Collaboration project reflection, week 6!

What happened?

Finally heard back from the French team. A few weeks ago I mentioned that there was one guy who didn’t know any French, apparently he is unable to help on the project. All the other members of the French team have dropped out of the course, leaving one guy to complete the translation work. Obviously this isn’t a good sign. I don’t think anyone in my team or the American team can speak any French so I don’t think anyone can help out with the translation work.

What was I thinking? How was I feeing?

It’s a shame that we’re down to one member of the French team as this could affect the final deliverable. So I was feeling disappointed.

What was good and bad?

Everyone has been sending supportive messages so that was good. Obviously it was bad that there is only one team member left.

Can I make sense of the situation?

This is a part of working in a team, sometimes people will let you down. Sometimes team members leave. This impacts projects in different ways.

What else could I have done?

I don’t think there is anything I, or anyone else could have done. If this was a bigger project a risk analysis would have identified this as a weakness, but unless you have other resources ready and available there’s not much else you can do apart from extend deadlines and outline what the worst case scenario is. In this instance the worst case scenario could be that we don’t get our document translated.

If this happened again, what would I do differently?

Risk assessment and plan for the worst case scenario.

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