Video: FindingFido

A short video advertisement for a fictitious app called FindingFido. I got the idea to create this small project after attending a Copywriting for Tech workshop at the General Assembly, London.


During the workshop, we were asked to pick a scenario. There were three to choose from, I chose:

Startup 3 is an app that helps you find dog friends for your dog by allowing you to browse through photos of dogs and their owners.

The workshop consisted of activities and brainstorming sessions which is when I came up with the idea for FindingFido. After the workshop I came away with a written video script for FindingFido. I decided to type this up into a project specification document. I started with the script, as that was what I had developed during the workshop. From there, I then planned the rest of the development, what tools I would use, colour scheme, narration, music etc.

You can view my full project plan here.


After planning the script, I decided on the tools to use. Vyond for the animations and Camtasia for post-production.

I started mocking up some of the scenes using Vyond, and added some screenshots to the project specification. I then continued to develop the solution using Vyond until it was finally complete. I exported this as a HD 1080p mp4.

A lot of projects I complete for my clients include a voiceover and I really wanted to incorporate it into this video. I spent some time researching voice-over artists and decided to go with a company called VoiceBunny.

I listened to a few samples and chose one which I felt reflected my design the best. I then did the same with the music. I decided to put the video, music and voiceover together in Camtasia, as it’s a bit faster and easier to make changes this way rather than directly in Vyond. I did find that once the voiceover had been recorded, I had to make some scenes longer/short to accommodate the speed of the audio. I also added a few animations post-production using Camtasia, such as the arrow which appears on the app screen. Again it was just faster and easier to do this in Camtasia then Vyond.


A short, ficticious, video advertisement created after attending a copywriting course. The purpose of this project was to create something to showcase my writing and project planning when arranging voice-over work.

  • Project planning
  • Storyboarding
  • Copywriting
  • Video editing
  • Vyond
  • Camtasia
  • VoiceBunny (for voice-over work)
  • Snagit and Word (for the project specification work)