Website Updates – Portfolio Page

I received some feedback on my website and blog and as a result I have rolled out some updates. I also started working on my portfolio about a month ago, and decided to incorporate it into my website, alongside my blog. This is now live.

What has changed?
  • Increased the typeface for the entire site – it’s now larger and should be easier to read.
  • Added a Twitter feed
  • Adjusted the resource and blog roll links so they open in a new window
  • Updated the About page
  • Corrected some typos
  • The portfolio page is now live

The About page has been updated to include details of my skills and experiences. The Portfolio page is now accessible and you can view samples of my work, however I will be making a few tweaks to this page over the coming weeks.

What was the idea behind the portfolio?

I have always wanted to create a portfolio of work, I’ve just never dedicated enough time to put something together. It’s lucky as one of my assignments at University was to create a portfolio (using a tool of my choosing) so it has forced me (I use that term lightly!) to sit down and create something. As for my blog, I put something very rudimentary together last year and posted a few blog posts, but never really dedicated enough time to maintaining it. Rather than delete everything and start again, I decided to just update and refresh everything.

From the start, I knew I wanted to incorporate my portfolio into this website and have it accessible alongside my blog. I self host this blog so it makes sense to use this space – I have a lot more flexibility to change the templates and host  files than free WordPress users.

I decided to go for a minimalist approach in regards to portfolio design, in keeping with this website and blog. I gathered my samples of work, wrote a reflective post about each one and created screenshots of each sample. 

Did you have any difficulties creating the portfolio?

I knew I wanted to create a main page with a gallery – something quick and easy to use which could show all the samples and screenshots. I tried SO many different WordPress plugins before I found what I wanted, eventually I settled for a combination of three – Gallery plugin, MaxButtons plugin and a Columns plugin. Combining these has created what you see on the portfolio page today.

Are there any updates to come?

I have good intentions to keep this blog and portfolio updated. I will be adding more samples of work as and when I have them. I’ve split the samples up into categories, but I might change this later. For now, I hope you enjoy the updates and my portfolio!

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