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Over Christmas I spent some time redesigning the eLearning Academy website as it was looking a bit dated. Even though I’m not planning on doing much with the learning academy this year, I thought it could do with a refresh. You can visit the website at the same address, although the old-style site has now been removed.

I’ve always had big plans in my head for the eLearning Academy. I would like to build out a set of courses aimed at developers and instructional designers. However, with everything else I’ve got going on it’s been something that I’ve had to put to one side.

I decided to completely redesign the website and it is no longer a WordPress website. It seemed a bit pointless using WordPress for the eLearning Academy as I don’t really blog from that specific page. Instead, I decided to replace it with a more modern, one-page, scrolling, interactive design. I think this website will last a little bit longer so even if I do decide to do something with it next year, it won’t require a huge amount of overhaul.

The Moodle site is still available, but again I’ve not done too much with this. I actively use my Moodle instance as a development area for other projects I’m involved in, which is so incredibly handy. I’ve recently been developing my own theme for Moodle which has been a great experience – it’s not an easy feat but I’m getting there. This is a project I keep coming back to. I hope that the developers of Moodle make creating a theme easier in the future. Right now you need quite a bit of development experience and many users will need external help which creates a bit of a barrier.

I really enjoyed creating this new page. It’s helped me to keep my skills sharp too. I really love web development and find the experience of developing assets using Articulate storyline a very similar experience. One day I will get round to completing that JavaScript course….!

The new website can be found at the same place:

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