GA Workshop: Mobile Video: Produce Content Like a Pro

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while! I attended my first General Assembly workshop on the 21st of January. After searching for a short course on quick-and-dirty video production, I came across this workshop and thought I’d give it a whirl. At £35 there wasn’t a lot to lose! I was really impressed with the instructor and the venue and really felt as though I learnt a lot. I came away with some valuable skills which I’ve been busy putting into practice!

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Technical Communication & E-Learning MA

Earlier this month I submitted my final MA project to the University of Limerick! I felt a massive sense of achievement, it has definitely been an extremely challenging year.  I decided to  complete an MA in 2016, but just missed the enrolment deadline. I waited a year before I could begin and wow! time has flown. My results are due in November.

This blog post is about the Technical Communication & E-Learning MA offered at Limerick University.

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Brush up your Grammar

A friend recently asked me “Are you constantly learning?” to which my answer was, yes! I think it’s a bit of an addiction of mine, I just love learning new things. I love the sense of achievement you feel from completing a project, gaining a new qualification or passing an exam.

There are so many things on my list of things to learn and I get frustrated as I don’t always have enough time to learn everything I want to. The world is full of so many things to see, do and learn and I truly believe the possibilities are endless. Learning new things opens up so many new opportunities, it can change your way of thinking and change your life. I am so lucky to have been born in a time where information and learning materials are so readily available. 

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