Welcome to the World Wide Web

So after my post yesterday on the trials and tribulations of my moodle upgrade, it led onto a rant about the performance of my site.  After reflecting on the issues, I decided to spend a few hours researching web optimisation and logged a support ticket with my host. 

This post contains information on my history and experience of web development and a summary of my experience of web optimisation.

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Return of the Moodle Project – Now with SCORM!

I surprised myself with this mini project. I wrote a very short blog post about installing Moodle onto a virtual machine last year (which you can read here if you are interested) and I didn’t really expect to revisit it. This blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog hosted by Tsohost, installing WordPress was a 1-click process via the CPanel and getting a basic blog up and running took less than 20 minutes. I noticed last week that one of the applications available for install via the CPanel was Moodle, so I decided to give it another shot!

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