Video: Micro Teach Referencing for Beginners

I’ve always wanted to create a micro teach video. I was inspired to create this for my mum, who is returning to education and wanted to know how to create a bibliography. My mum lives quite far away from me, so I decided that creating a video was the best solution. The video I created can be watched below.

Planning and Development

I wanted the video to be short, so I decided that it needed to be less than 15 minutes long. I also wanted to create two sections of the video; section 1 would be informative and section 2 would be instructional. I decided that there should be no more than 3 learning outcomes, as anything more than that would make the video too long.


I started by writing a script and creating a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint would be used for section 1, the informative section. I then printed out some demo notes for section 2, the instructional hands-on section.

I used Wondershare Filmora to record my screen whilst I narrated my presentation. I then used the same software to record the hands-on demo. I added bumpers, music and transitions and exported the video to YouTube.


I was happy with the end result. The video quality is good and the voice recording is clear. I love using Wondershare Filmora as it’s so easy to use.

I did realise that I said “umm” and “ahh” a few times, so I will try to recognise and improve that going forwards. I would like to create a e-learning course on Microsoft Word 2016, so watch this space!

Skills Demonstrated
  • Instructional design
  • Video editing
  • Presenting
  • Micro teaching
Tools Used
  • Wondershare Filmora
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  • YouTube