Creating Learning Outcomes: Why using “Understand” and “Know” are no-no’s!

Creating learning outcomes can be tricky, especially if you are new to the task or don’t have a subject matter expert on hand to help. It’s a skill that comes with practice and when written badly, can affect the learning experience.

Learning something new requires us understand subject knowledge or know how to perform a skill. When it comes learning outcomes, it’s important to provide the learner with a baseline to can assess their knowledge and understanding – so they can work out if they really “know” or “understand” the subject or skill.

Let’s examine this in more detail with a couple of examples.

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Review: Powtoon

Powtoon is an online application that allows you to create videos and animations quickly and easily. You can create videos from scratch using the content library, or choose a template. I used the free version of Powtoon to create the “About Me” video found on the front page of this website. This is my review!

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