Technical Communication & E-Learning MA

Earlier this month I submitted my final MA project to the University of Limerick! I felt a massive sense of achievement, it has definitely been an extremely challenging year.  I decided to  complete an MA in 2016, but just missed the enrolment deadline. I waited a year before I could begin and wow! time has flown. My results are due in November.

This blog post is about the Technical Communication & E-Learning MA offered at Limerick University.

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Review: Readable

In today’s blog post I review Readable. As the name suggests, Readability allows you to check how readable your text is. Readable describes itself as “A collection of tools for improving the quality of your writing. We believe there is a clearer, smarter and better way to write. A way that helps your readers easily understand what you are trying to say, promote or describe. With unrivaled readability scoring, we help marketers, authors, lawyers, and anyone else with a passion for writing.”

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