Reflective Writing – A Lost Art?

I have spent a few hours this week reading over different blogs relating to technical communication, instructional design and elearning. I noticed that a lot of blogs are written in a very journalistic style; they are sleek and professional. Not a bad thing, but this got me thinking about my blog and reflective writing in general – is it a lost art form?

So many blogs and youtube videos seem to tell you information or demonstrate something, but lack any thought or personal opinion from the author/creator. I suppose in some cases (especially on youtube) authors have to be very careful of what they say as often they are required to be vendor neutral or are being paid to review something (this is a whole topic in itself) however when did having a (educated, polite and well thought out) opinion about a product or tool become a bad thing?

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Collaboration Project – Week 1 & 2

As part of my MA studies at Limerick University, I have been asked to write a weekly reflection on my studies, focusing on the Virtual Team Project which has just started in Semester 2.

In this project I am working alongside other students at Limerick University, as well as students from a University in the USA and France. The project requirements are to work as a team to develop an instructional document, which will then be translated.

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