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  • Using AI as a Personal Tutor
    AI is so hot right now. It’s probably been the hot topic of 2023 and everywhere you go there are conversations around its use (and misuse). In this blog post I talk a bit about how I use AI in my day to day, in particular, how I use it as a personal tutor.
  • 2023: A Year in Review
    Another year has gone by, and what a year it has been. According to Grammarly, I’ve been more productive than 99% of their users, and wow, I certainly feel it. If I’ve not been busy writing, then I’ve been busy with my head in a book. Like my usual year in review posts, this is what has been happening.
  • First journal article published
    I’m pleased to say that my first journal article has been published in the Studies in Technology Enhanced Learning journal. In this post, I share my experiences of writing for a journal and my experiences of the peer review process.

About Me

I am a learning design consultant who specialises in developing e-learning solutions, digital media and Moodle. I create simulations, eLearning experiences, videos, infographics, job aids and FAQ’s on a day-to-day basis and I love what I do.

I am passionate about learning through storytelling; as a teaching tool using branching scenarios, and as a learning tool through self-reflection… Read more.


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Video Introduction

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My Work

I create learning experiences for various industries and sectors including IT, Management, Finance, HR, Education and Media.


I’m currently building out a resources page to share my software, book and blog recommendations. I’m also aiming to develop a small set of tutorials. Check back soon!