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  • More Podcasts Please!
    My hunger for podcasts started when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which coincided with my “couch to 5k” challenge. I quickly got bored of listening to music and struggled to find new albums to really get into. In this blog post I share my experiences with podcasts; listening and developing and the pros and cons.
  • 2020: A Year in Review
    I can’t believe 2020 is almost over…what a year it has been. I feel a bit guilty when I look back over the last year, despite the pandemic, my year hasn’t been too bad. I’ve had to make adjustments, but I feel extremely lucky to be in the position I’m in. 2020 will be a year that many people will want to forget, but I’ve really tried hard to make the best of the situation and use the time I have had productively. 
  • Review and Reflection: Fundamentals of Dyslexia Awareness
    I’ve been quite selective with my CPD activities this year. One of my goals has been to develop content that is more accessible. Earlier this year I read a paper about Dyslexia and after doing some research decided to undertake a short course on the Fundamentals of Dyslexia Awareness by the British Dylexia Association.

About Me

I am a learning design consultant who specialises in developing e-learning solutions, digital media and Moodle. I create simulations, e-learning experiences, videos, infographics, job aids and FAQ’s on a day-to-day basis and I love what I do! … Read more.


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I create learning experiences for various industries and sectors including IT, Management, Finance, HR, Education and Media.


I’m currently building out a resources page to share my software, book and blog recommendations. I’m also aiming to develop a small set of tutorials. Check back soon!


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Some information here in plain English regarding learning theories - for anyone new to teaching or wanting to refresh their knowledge: #FE #CPD

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